fiber optic projects

Elaboration of fiber optic projects, design of Gpon and point-to-point networks.

structured cabling projects

Preparation of structured cabling projects.

Configuration of switches and routers

Configuration of switches and routers.

point-to-point networks

Development of wireless network projects such as point-to-point links, multipoint links, Wi-Fi zones.

Radio link calculations and wave propagation

Radio link calculations and wave propagation.

wireless network projects

Development of CCTV projects and integration with wired and wireless networks.

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Supply of products of the following brands:

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Plan, develop projects for wired and wireless communications systems, advice and supply of the necessary inputs for these projects, evaluation of existing projects and application of new technologies for their modernization. Use recognized top-level brands and select from your portfolio the right products for these projects, taking into account the budget and their interoperability.


In these new times, telecommunications projects have had a great boom thanks to the demand for internet service. This has made new companies want to venture into this business segment, generating new projects and challenges. Our company is in a position to guide all those companies on the right path to become a reliable provider of communications services.

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